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March 28, 1996 - April 15, 2009
The Bungaman
Buggity Buggity Bubu

Known for his ferocious attacks and small and medium prey, Babu wreaked havoc on animal and human alike. He was born with some defects -- including both female and male "parts". In his first week was then given only a few days to live, but like so many times in his life he cheated death and lived another day. 

In his early days he would toy with mice and moles, letting them run for some time before pouncing on them right as they thought they had escaped.  Within his first year of life he scared away his own mother -- perhaps even killing her and burying her in an inside garden in his master's basement -- can anyone explain those bones?

Soon he would bring his prey to the "Arena of Death" -- beneath the trampoline -- where he would take this prey for fun and food. He was also known to leave the head and tail of chipmunks and squirrels and would sometimes bring his prize into the house for a "show and tell".  Later he would take on larger prey like rabbits, other cats and coyotes.

He loved to attack humans and a smart person would know not to walk with Babu behind you. He would also bite some people while they were sleeping and would play the "Jungle" Game with Joe, his favorite master. Although he was the master, his meow sometimes sound like "Joooeeeee".

Before going out on a "hunt" Babu would scope out the land and then dart out into the wilderness, exhibiting his "Scorpion" Dance as he dashed out for the kill.  Many times he returned with deep wounds and cuts, as his journey was not always a safe one. In 2008, his last major injury cost him his eye and with it his killer instinct. His time had come. And within a year cancer had eaten away at his body and he was put to rest.

May Babu rest in peace, but I think we all know he will continue the hunt in the great beyond.


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