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Top Ten Worst Nicolas Cage Performances Movies

10. "Joe" in Bangkok Dangerous. The recluse becomes the teacher.

9. "Captain Antonio Corelli" in Captain Corelli's Mandolin. Courting with a mandolin - ha!
8. "Memphis Raines" in Gone in Sixty Seconds. Memphis Raines? Enough said.
7. "Sgt. Joe Enders" in Windtalkers. Yes, Nic, we get it - your ear hurts.
6. "Acid Yellow" in Sonny. Pimp. Yellow suit. More please!
5. "Ben Gates" in National Treasure: Book of Secrets. Kidnap the President - you are Clown!
4."John Koestler" in Knowing. You want some of this? It's hard bein' Cage when the world is about to end.
3. "Cris Johnson" in Next. Magicians saving the world? Yeah that's a good trick. Cage saving a movie? Now that requires a miracle.
2. "Johnny Blaze" in Ghost Rider. How could Cage and a flaming hot skull not be the worst performance of the decade?
1. "Edward Malus" in The Wicker Man. Cage + bear suit + punching out a chick = that's how.

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