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Clowntown Official Poem
Welcome To Clowntown

While driving alone without a care
The smell of cow dung fills the air
Turn around by all means please
You have just entered the town of cheese

Like all big top shows they have their freaks
There's the dirty old man who barely could speak
They have young and old and rich and poor
Did I say rednecks, need I say more

Reds Tavern's where the townies lie
Drive wind up cars with 4-wheel drive

College students rule the bars
Puking in their mason jars

Platform shoes and bell bottom pants
All gather to do the aquarium dance

Beer becomes their cotton candy
Popcorn breath smells like brandy

Simply floppy shoes and a big red nose
Baggy pants and a squirting rose

Before you know it you've had your fill
Of this real life jokersville.

As you turn to speed away
You look back as though to say
What once were a few are now all around
This truly is a  Town of Clowns