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Ass Bag
Ass Bag - An obnoxious blow hard with large buttocks that chomps on his penis-cigar while stomping around the practice green.
Usually this individual looks like he has pooped in his man diaper, hence the ass bag. However the denotation is rarely used and has the connotation has been used for anyone that fits the above along with fat and lard in any part of the body.
Ass Clown (n) A boob, jackass or idiot.  A person who continually behaves in a manner contrary to logic and reasoning. Man that Al Franken is a real ass-clown.
Boba fett (n) term used to describe male sexual organ in situations when more common slang terms like "dick, cock or shalong," or its medical name "penis," are not appropriate for the situation. Also, used when describing George Lucas.
Goo (n) A person belonging to the Goo Crew, or a person having the characteristics thereof; i.e.: great drinking ability, gambling excellence, superior athleticism and intelligence etc.
Goobalish (adj.) Goo-like, or goo-worthy, as when referring to something cool (e.g., The goobalish Yankees are the best in baseball!)
grandoliere (n) a person who takes high stakes risks; places large wagers with confidence; analogous to a "high roller" (slang) Only a true grandoliere may grace the private players' lounges in Vegas.
Green Balls A more severe case of blue balls. Damn, this chick and I were messing around but she left me with the worst case of green balls!
One (1), the origin,  {noun} which is to tie in a championship game, but ultimately lose through the tiebreaker mechanism(s).
The second (2) {noun} is an outcome in which one did nothing wrong, but still wound up as a loser.

Will most likely evolve into a verb: "Fred got hiltsmullered in the championship game." Essentially will be used like robbed, screwed, fucked. Hiltsmullered.

"Today What The Buck! and 12 Angry Clowns tied in points for the Da Cash Money League title game, but 12 Angry Clowns lost on a hiltsmuller.""

Joe threw his 11 strikes in a row, but got a hiltsmuller in his last shot, leaving a solid 8 pin."

Jimmy Key (adj) Of great importance. Winning the Battle of Gettysburg was Jimmy Key for the North's struggle to win the American Civil War.
Lucas Anus, ass, feces. That George Lucas is a real Lucas
Megballed v. to be hit by a large, sudden windfall - usually in the form of cash won by selecting the correct numbers in a Mega Millions drawing. I have to miss the Phillies parade today due to - you guessed it - work. Need to be megaballed tonight.
Mon Mothma Vagina  
Money Red Phone An action or event that results in a very postive result. Winning the Battle of Gettysburg was Money Red Phone for the North's struggle to win the American Civil War.
Patheticity the state or form of being pathetic; spoken, acted or otherwise implied or expressed, 'he exhibited gross patheticity in pleading his case'
  1. ???
  2. any actual or suggested query for which no answer is known or available, literally: 'I Don't Know'
It's all posds to me.
(Sy) Snootles Balls, ballsack, testicles, gonads I'd really like to kick that lucas George Lucas in the snootles.
Tan-Con any series of conversational changes-mid stream-without notice to the conversants, to a topic related or unrelated to the current one. This is: Tan(gent)-Con (as in Def-Con 5, 4, etc, please note: Tan-Con is not limited in its degrees of tangent).
Travolting Incredibly lame, repulsive, disgusting, etc. Man, that Face/Off movie was travolting!
Unclownable An event, person, object, etc. that is full of ridiculous, egregious and preposterous crap (ie: clown). Attack of the Clones was unclownable!
Venovial of or showing vengeful appearance, action, or posture, esp facially, i.e. glowering haughtily, see: Body Language. To wit: Ven(geful)ovial(Jovial, Convivial). Also, exhibiting great hatred or disapproval. He stared at him with venovial contempt.


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