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Tom Glavine wins 300, and of course the morons of talk begin saying how there will never be another 300 game winner. These are the same morons who say that the greatest record that will never be broken is Joe DiMaggio's 56 game streak, and now Cal Ripken's streak and the like. Well, these people must also believe that MegaMillions is NOT the Jimmy Key to happiness, because they are clearly upper echelon Uber morons.

Glavine might be the last 300 game winner for awhile, but not ever.

36 triples? One year? Okay THAT won't happen again....


Image:Young Cy 1 MLB HOF.jpg

There's a reason they named an award after him.

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As follows are the top 17 true baseball records
 that will never be broken.

17. Sam Crawford- 309 career triples. 15 triples a year for 20 years and you still need 9 more. Not happening.

16. Nolan Ryan's 7 no hitters. 

15. Ricky Henderson's 1486 sb's. Steal 75 bases a year for 20 years and you got it. Next 

14. Chief Wilson 36 triples in one year. Baseball would have to revert back to 400 foot lines for this to happen. 

13. Hugh Duffy single season average of .439 1884.  

12. Barry Bonds 232 walks in '04. Unless you are John Miller, who will certainly predict either Albert Pujols or A-Rod will be walked 300-400 times in one season in the near future.  

11. Ty Cobb career average of .366.

10. Ed Walsh career era of 1.82 

9. In 1930, the entire NL hit .303. I'm not certain if that is even the record, but it certainly is never going to happen again.  

The next stats are never going to be even close 

8. Dutch Leonard of the 1914 Red Sox had an era of 0.96. For some reason, I always rememberd Bob Gibson as the record holder at 1.1 something, but it is never going to be that low again and have enough IP to qualify.

7. Walter Johnson's 110 Shutouts.  

6. Cy Young 7354 and 2/3 career innings. 300 for 25 years and its yours. 

5. Cy Young and his 316 losses. 15 losses for 20 years?  

4. Will White 75 complete games in one season. 1879.  

3. Cy Young and his 511 career wins.  

2. Will White and 680 innings pitched in one season. That is approximately 40 percent of the teams innings pitched for the entire season of 1879. His record was 43-31.

1. Cy Young and 749 complete games. 749. 35 CG's for 21 years and you still need 14 more. Roy Halladay is leading the bigs this year with 4. The only way most of these pitching records could be broken is that somehow in the future, humans evolved and grew more arms and pitchers could learn to be an octo-pitcher.  


Shut up, for you are clown.  


Quiet, for you are orbiting into UBER SPACE.


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