Clowntown Literature

Moody Goos
Clowntown Anthem
Return To Clowntown
Sometimes a lesson is hard to learn
That is why we must return
To the place we love to dread
We call it clowntown, that's enough said.

Broken windows in the streets
Pools of yellow at your feet
Even cameras put in place
Could not stop this towns disgrace.

Baseball skankies scream and shout
Looking for their ticket out.

Darts and foosball are symbolic
Of the townies sense of phallic.

Freshman skip their class at will
Fake ID's buy dirt cheap swill.

Chugging's done with the greatest of ease
Like agility shown on the flying trapeze

Packs of females all around
Make-up supplied by angry clowns.

They move together in group mass
Like sideshow freaks who share one ass

Once again you realize the error of your ways
Begin to feel as though you are a rat within a maze.

So heed these words and don't look back
Swear you'll never come again
To this place we once called home
Where the circus never ends.