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2009 Clown Of The Year

2009 Clowntown Awards

From Clown To Crown....

2009 Crown of the Year

Clown of the Year Crown of the Year Word of the Year
Balloon Boy (and his dad) Ben Roethlisberger Flarp
Climatologists Chesley Sullenberger - WINNER Tender - WINNER
ESPN Viggo Mortenson Andy Van Slyke as in "I Andy Van Slyke that movie"
Kanye West Albert Pujols Retirement
Nancy Pelosi NASA  
Nobel Peace Prize Committee    
Tiger Woods - WINNER    
United States of America    
Local Clown of the Year Local Crown of the Year Excellence in Journalism
Rich Nellis for getting married Patrick B. Muller -- for riding a bike instead of a car 2009 Handicapping The Clownies by XAVIER! - WINNER
The Daily Star GinaTarbell/Erin Muller -- Karma Spa & Boutique - WINNER  
Uncle Chet Paul Obidinski -- 50th Trip to Vegas and beyond  
Mako Olivares - former manager of B-Mets Flarp: The Movie  
Country Buffett - Main St., Oneonta    
NY Governor David Paterson - WINNER