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2006 Clown Of The Year
Tom Cruise

2006 Clowntown Awards

From Clown To Crown....

2006 Crown of the Year
Paul Obidinski



Clown of the Year Crown of the Year Local Clown of the Year Word of the Year
  ESPN   Paul Obidinski   Patrick Muller   Megaball
  Tom Cruise   Jim Leyland   Pat's Car   Retirement
  Hurricanes   Jerome Bettis   Gus Lampo, Sr.   En Effet
  Terrell Owens   Clint Eastwood   Myrna Thayne   Impecunious
  Work   Ryan Howard   Dave Weaver   Clown
  Hollywood   Carrie Underwood   The Daily Star   Futures

Excellence in Journalism

Retirement Now - Paaaaaaaul
Handicapping the CFA’s 2006: The Break From Hollywood -  Xavier
Review of Inconvenient Truth - Xavier