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2005 Clowntown Awards

Cindy Sheehan's antics were enough to win over the Clowntown Voters to beat out former champ France and run amok celebrity Tom Cruise. In somewhat of a divine shocker, The Burger King won the 1000 year War of Investiture by beating out Pope John Paul II to win Crown of the Year. Fitting, I suppose that the Burger King won "Crown" of the Year.... This site may be full of Poppycock but Poppycock it is as word of the year, narrowly winning over perennial contender Indeed. And last but certainly least, the Local Clown was won by none other the Barnum and Clownding Father of the American Clowntown Society Fred Muller for getting married. Two members of the ACS were married this  year but as a founder, Mr. Muller has to get the win. What's next? A baby? You can't get much more clown than getting married, but a baby would certainly up the ante. Let's hope that never happens....

Clown of the Year Crown of the Year Local Clown of the Year Word of the Year
Cindy Sheehan The Burger King Matt & Cate Arbas Capitol
France Tom Brady Gus Lampo Clown
Rafael Palmeiro Joe Paterno Fred Muller Indeed
The Runaway Bride Pope John Paul II Tony Cammilleri Prestidigitation
Tom Cruise Megamillions Kim Muller Megamillions
Work Las Vegas Rich Stelling Poppycock

Excellence In Journalism goes to Clown Xavier Ten Points of Clowness