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January 2005

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March 2005

Sally Anthony
ABA Owner Fires Coach During A Game
John Chaney
Suspends self for ... well does it matter for what?

Mark McGwire
Here is something "positive" - you are a clown!

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June 2005

Jennifer Wilbanks/Media Coverage of "runaway bride"  Senator Voinovich - CRIES Over U.N. ambassador nominee John Bolton Tom Cruise - Scientology = Clown


July 2005 August  2005

September 2005

Bob Goodenow - Holds out for less monies and a loss of a season Rafael  Palmeiro - I "accidentally" called you a clown

Cindy Sheehan

Bob Goodenow

October 2005 November  2005 December 2005
France Terrell Owens

Mark McGowan