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January 2004 - Howard Dean
February 2004
Super Bowl Halftime Show
Garment Malfunction
"Maria" Gonazalez
Transgender Cop in Philadelphia
March 2004

April 2004 -John Kerry May 2004 - Jason Perala June - 2004
I ....am .....not....Frankenstein... unless... you.... want.... me....to be... Attacks cell phone store because his cell phone doesn't work. Michael Moore

July 2004 - Ricky Williams August 2004 - ESPN September 2004 - Dan Rather
Gives up football right before training camp to smoke dope for a living Next up: Top 25 Reasons why ESPN now sucks. Memogate

October 2004 -
New York Yankees

November 2004 -
 Detroit Piston Fans

December 2004 - Oliver Stone
Foxonian Collapse In Sports History To the Biggest Chokers in the history of Sports Ugly Brawl Brings Shame Upon the NBA and Sports People Thought Alexander Was Crap Because It Was Crap Oliver, Not Because It Was Gay. And Yes, It was Very Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay