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January 2002 February 2002 March 2002
Salt Lake City Derek Bell
Milwaukee Brewers XIX Winter Games Derek Bell
Glendon Rusch? No D'Amico? Clowntown X-Games or Winter Olympics? Everybody gets gold! Operation Clowntown
April 2002 May 2002 June 2002
9th Circuit Seal
Sam Snead France 9th Circuit Federal Court
90+ years old? First shot at the masters? Spectators? Fore! Just Because Under God is Unconstitutional! No wait, it's not. Uh, yes it is! No, yes, no. We'll get back to ya...
July 2002 August 2002 September 2002
2002 MLB All-Star Game Caesar Barber IMF Protestors
MLB All-Star Game 2002 Image: Caesar Barber
There's no tying in baseball! Rockets gave glare? You mean a Big Mac has FAT? What else? KFC isn't lean chicken??! Whaaaat?!?!?! Stupid Protestors want to be part of something rather than fighting for a cause. Stupid hippies!
October 2002 November 2002 December 2002
Thunderstix Michael Jackson Nicolas Cage
The X-Games World Series threatens the dignity & prestige of America's greatest game. For Shame..... Baby-Balcony... clown Lisa-Marie, Directed Sonny, and his acting can't be good in Adaptation