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January 2001 February 2001 March 2001
Bill Clinton XFL P Diddy

Wouldn't leave the damn office! XFL HUGE FLOP! P Diddy? Oh J Lo, why have you forsaken me?
April 2001 May 2001 June 2001
Robert Downey, Jr. Jim Jeffords Bob Brenly
I have a disease! I have no spine! A hit is a hit Mr. Brenly.
July 2001 August 2001 September 2001
Gary Condit Dan Duquette Mark McGwire
Rep. Condit
Me no worry! Forferdelig! Waaaaaaaaaah!
October 2001 November 2001  
Fox Sports Chris Barnes  

POLL: Would you put Fox Sports in the Hall of Clowns? His wife apparently means failure and disappointment The kick is good, but our legs are not!