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Year Best Picture Most Points Most Picks* Last Place
2009 Slumdog Millionaire Paul Obidinski Joe Muller J Goo
2008 No Country For Old Men Ed Quigley Joe Muller Mike Zizza
2007 The Departed Joe Muller Fred Muller Tara/Jim
2006 Crash Joe Muller/Mike Zizza Mike Zizza/Joe Muller Troy Mitteer
2005 Million Dollar Baby Joe Muler Scummy The Clown Mari Muller
2004 Return of the King Pat Muller Amely Moore, Fred Muller, Jay Goo Erin Muller
2003 Chicago Matt Minucci Amely Moore Paul Obidinski
2002 A Beautiful Mind Fred Muller Brian Herring Paul Obidinski
2001 Gladiator Fred Muller Mike Zizza & Pat Muller Paul Obidinski
2000 American Beauty Matt Minucci Joe Muller J Goo & Mari Muller
1999 Shakespeare In Love Fred Muller Joe Muller/Mari Muller Mike Zizza
1997 The English Patient Pat Muller Jay Goo Jim Mattimore
1996 Braveheart Fred Muller Joe Muller Erin Muller
1995 Forrest Gump Joe Muller Jim Mattimore Scott Barnes
1994 Schindler's List Matt Minucci Dave Tuchman Jim Mattimore
1993 Unforgiven Fred Muller Jeremy Laufer Mike Bregman

*Not including the winner for Most Points who may have had the most picks. You cannot win two categories.