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The Clowntown Film 
Association Presents The 2004 CFA Awards

2004 CFA Awards Winners - Return of the Crown

       With 13 wins Return of the King becomes the 2nd biggest CFA winner in history. Peter Jackson completes the hat trick with his third straight Best Director win. ROTK wins Best Picture and virtually all the technical categories. Master and Commander won Best Musical Compilation for it's exquisite usage of classical music, some of it actually played by Russell Crowe, who lost to Bill Murray in the Best Actor category. However, Crowe won the "Lord of the Crowns" Award for Lifetime Achievement in the CFAs. Best Actress went to Charlize Theron in Monster, which has yet to be seen by the CFA. J Goo and Longshanks nearly went at the new Fairfax Corners Multiplex with gigantic screens but decided to see Butterfly Effect instead on the smaller screen.  Maybe we can go back in time and fix that mistake too.

     ROTK also pulled in an acting category with Miranda Otto as Best Supporting Actress for her portrayal of the valiant Eowyn. The most surprising pick was perhaps Will Ferrell's win for Best Supporting Actor for his work as "Frank the Tank". We called him and he was so ecstatic that he could only utter "You know it! You know it!" Old School also pulled in Best Original Screenplay ina tight race over Lost in Translation and In America. Old School was the only film other than ROTK to pull in multiple wins with two awards.

   She's still Jenny From The Block and she's still Queen of Clowns. Jennifer Lopez earned Worst Actress for the 2nd straight year and her movie Gigli won Worst Picture. Last year she starred in Enough, which pulled in Worst Picture as well. Gigli has broken the record for most Clown Wins with five. Not to be outdone was Ben Affleck, who won for Worst Actor (Gigli) and Top Clown Daredevil). They had a really great year. Gigli also surprised with unknown Justin Bartha taking home Worst Supporting Actor beating out heavy-weights Al Pacino and Giovanni Ribisi.

    The other big winner was Charlie's Angels which took home four awards including Clown Film, Worst Director McG,  & Worst Supporting Actress Demi Moore. Nicolas Cage was given the El Bozo Grande for Lifetime Achievement in Clown.


The 2003 Winner of the O' Movie Where Art Thou? Award Goes to Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind (2002).  We certainly snubbed the this marvelous gripping drama from Best Picture nomination and other categories. What will be the snubbed from 2002? Find out next year...

The BEST Of 2003

Best Picture Best Director
  Lord of the Rings: Return of the King   Peter Jackson - Return of the King
  Master and Commander   Peter Weir, Master and Commander
  Lost in Translation   Sophia Coppola, Lost in Translation
  In America   Jim Sheridan, In America
  Big Fish   Jacques Perrin, Winged Migration

Actor Actress
  Bill Murray, Lost In Translation   Scarlett Johansson, Lost In Translation
  Robert Duvall, Open Range   Naomi Watts, 21 Grams
  Russell Crowe, Master and Commander   Charlize Theron, Monster
  Paddy Considine, In America   Keisha Castle-Hughes, Whale Rider
  Billy Bob Thornton, Bad Santa   Samantha Morton, In America


Supporting Actor


Supporting Actress

  Sean Astin, Return of the King   Jessica Lange, Big Fish
  Will Farrell, Old School   Miranda Otto, Return of the King
  Paul Bettany, Master and Commander   Annette Bening, Open Range
  Albert Finney, Big Fish   Sarah Bolger, In America
  Djimon Honsou, In America    
  Rawiri Paratene, Whale Rider    

Original Screenplay   Adapted Screenplay
  Jim Sheridan, In America   Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh, Phillipa Boyens - Return of the King
  Guillermo Arriaga, 21 Grams   Gary Ross, Seabiscuit
  Glenn Ficarra, John Requa, Bad Santa   Peter Weir and John Collee, Master & Commander
  Scot Armstrong, Todd Phillips, Old School   John August, Big Fish
  Sophia Coppla, Lost In Translation   Niki Caro, Whale Rider

  Music (Score)   Musical Compilation - Previously Used and/or Nonscore
  Lisa Gerrard - Whale Rider   Master and Commander
  Howard Shore - Return of the King   Love Actually
  Danny Elfman - Big Fish   Down With Love
  Michael Kamen - Open Range   Old School
  Iva Davies, Christopher Gordon, Richard Tognetti - Master and Commander   Lost in Translation

Film Editing   Cinematography
  Jamie Selkirk - Return of the King      Russell Boyd - Master and Commander
  Michael J. Duthie, Miklos Wright - Open Range   James Muro - Open Range
  Sarah Flack - Lost in Translation   Andrew Lesnie - Return of the King
  Chris Lebenzon - Big Fish   Many Cinematographers - Winged Migration
  William Goldenberg - Seabiscuit   Declan Quinn - In America

  Casting/Ensemble      Art Direction/Set Decoration*
  John Hubbard, Ann Robinson, Liz Mullane, Victoria Burrows, Amy MacLean - Return of the King   Anne Ross, K.K. Barrett,  Mayumi Tomita, Towako Kuwajima, Tomomi Nishio - Lost In Translation
  Mary Selway, Fiona Weir - Master & Commander   Dante Ferretti, Francesca LoSchiavo - Cold Mountain
  Joseph Middleton - Old School   Alan Lee, Dan Hennah, Grant Major - Return of the King
  Diana Rowan - Whale Rider   Gae Buckley, Gary Myers, Mary-Lou Storey - Open Range
  Nuala Moiselle, Avy Kaufman, Joyce Gallie, Sally Osoba, Frank Moiselle -  In America   William Sandell, Mark Mansbridge, Bruce Crone, Robert Gould - Master and Commander

Makeup   Costume
  Return of the King - Peter King, Peter Owen   Return of the King - Ngila Dickson
  28 Days Later  - Alan Hedgcock, Cliff Wallace, Sallie Jaye, Sian Grigg   Master & Commander - Wendy Stites
  Mystic River - Carol A. O'Connell   The Last Sammurai  - Ngila Dickson
  Seabiscuit - Thomas Nellen   Seabiscuit - Judianna Mokovsky
  Monster - Lee Grimes Toni G   Big Fish - Colleen Atwood

  Visual Effects   Sound
  Master and Commander - Daniel Sudick, Stefen Fangmeier, Nathan McGuiness   Winged Migration - Philippe Barbeau
  Terminator 3 - Stan Winston, Pablo Helman   Return of the King - David Farmer, Hammond Peek
  Big Fish - Stan Parks Hans Metz Kevin Mack Richard L. Hill   Open Range - Glen Gauthier
  Return of the King - Richard Taylor, Jim Rygiel   Master & Commander - Richard King, Arthur Rochester
   X-Men 2 - Michael Fink, Mike Vezina   Seabiscuit - Andy Nelson, Anna Behlmer

The WORST OF 2003

The I AM CLOWN award goes to Half Past Dead. Stephen Seagals's Embarrassing film was snubbed from most CFA categories and now gets its reward.

  Worst Film   Clown Film
Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle
  Darkness Falls   Kill Bill: Volume One
Gigli House of 1,000 Corpses
  Spider   Daredevil
  The Matrix Reloaded   Lara Croft Tomb Raider:The Cradle of Life
  Gods & Generals   Basic

  Worst Director   Top Clown
McG - Charlie's Angels McG - Charlie's Angels
  Woody Allen - Anything Else   Cameron Diaz - Charlie's Angels
  Michael Bay - Bad Boys II   Rob Zombie, 1,000 Corpses
  Ron Maxwell - Gods & Generals   Ben Affleck - Daredevil
  Quenton Tarantino - Kill Bill Vol. 1   Quenton Tarantino - Kill Bill Vol. 1
      Angelina Jolie - Lara Croft

  Worst Actor   Worst Actress
Chanely Kley, Darkness Falls Cameron Diaz, Charlie's Angels
  Jason Biggs, Anything Else   Jennifer Lopez, Gigli
  Ben Affleck, Gigli   Angelina Jolie, Lara Croft
  Keanu Reeves, The Matrix Reloaded   Connie Nielsen, Basic
  Will Smith, Bad Boys II   Christina Ricci, Anything Else

  Worst Supporting Actor   Worst Sup Actress
Giovanni Ribisi, Basic Demi Moore, Charlie's Angels
  Tim Daly, Basic   Lucy Liu, Kill Bill Vol. 1
  Justin Bartha, Gigli   Stockard Channing, Anything Else
  Shane West, League of Extraordinary Gentleman   Mira Sorvino, Gods & Generals
  Al Pacino, Gigli   Emma Caulfied, Darkness Falls

  Worst Screenplay   Worst Music   Worst Editing   Worst Visuals#
Charlie's Angels Tears of the Sun Charlie's Angels The Matrix Reloaded
  Basic   Charlie's Angels   Gods & Generals   Charlie's Angels 
  Kill Bill, Vol. I   Lara Croft   Tears of the Sun   LXG
  Gods & Generals   The Matrix Reloaded   The Matrix Reloaded   Daredevil
  Gigli   House of 1,000 Corpses   Dreamcatcher   Gods & Generals

#-Worst Visuals incorporates Special Effects, Cinematography, Set Design, Art Direction

* Art Direction/Set Design is awarded to the Production Designer, Art Director and Set Director