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The Clowntown Film Association Presents

The 2003 CFA Awards

The 2003 Winner of the O' Movie Where Art Thou? Award Goes to In The Bedroom (2001).  We certainly snubbed the this marvelous gripping drama from Best Picture nomination and other categories. What will be the snubbed from 2002? Find out next year...

The BEST Of 2002

Best Picture Best Director
  Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers   Peter Jackson - The Two Towers
  One Hour Photo   Steven Soderbergh - Solaris
  The Pianist   Steven Spielberg - Catch Me If You Can
  Punch-Drunk Love   Paul Thomas Anderson - Punch-Drunk Love
  Signs   M. Night Shyamalan - Signs

Actor Actress
  Adrien Brody - The Pianist   Jennifer Aniston - The Good Girl
  Daniel Day Lewis - Gangs of New York   Julianne Moore- Far From Heaven
  Leonardo DiCaprio - Catch Me If You Can   Renee Zellweger - Chicago
  Adam Sandler - Punch-Drunk Love   Salma Hayek - Frida
  Robin Williams  - One Hour Photo   Diane Lane - Unfaithful


Supporting Actor


Supporting Actress

  Dennis Quaid - Far From Heaven   Catherine Zeta Jones - Chicago
  Andy Serkis - The Two Towers   Toni Collette- About a Boy
  John Turturro - Mr. Deeds   Kirsten Dunst - The Cat's Meow
  Christopher Walken - Catch Me If You Can   Emily Watson - Punch-Drunk Love
  Jude Law - Road To Perdition   Patricia Clarkson - Far From Heaven

  Original Screenplay   Adapted Screenplay
  Todd Haynes - Far From Heaven   Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh, Phillipa Boyens - The Two Towers
  Mark Romanek - One Hour Photo   Jeff Nathanson- Catch Me If You Can
  Paul Thomas Anderson - Punch-Drunk Love   Peter Hedges, Chris & Paul Weitz - About a Boy
  M. Night Shyamalan - Signs   Steven Soderbergh - Solaris
  J. Cocks, S. Zaillian, K. Lonergan - Gangs of New York   Ronald Harwood - The Pianist

  Score   Cinematography
  John Newton Howard - Signs   Road to Perdition - Conrad L. Hall
  Howard Shore - The Two Towers   Far From Heaven - Edward Lachman
  Cliff Martinez - Solaris   Punch-Drunk Love - Robert Elswit
  Jon Brion - Punch-Drunk Love   The Two Towers - Andrew Lesnie
  Reinhold Heil, Johnny Klimek - One Hour Photo   One Hour Photo - Jeff Cronenweth

  Art Direction   Set Decoration
  The Pianist - Nenad Pecur   Far From Heaven - Ellen Christiansen
  Far From Heaven - Peter Rogness   The Two Towers - Alan Lee, Dan Hennah
  The Two Towers - Bleakley, Ivey, Otterside, Robins   Road to Perdition - Nancy Haigh
  Chicago - Andrew Stearn   The Pianist - Wieslawa Chojkowska, Gabriele Wolff
  Gangs of New York - Alessandro Alberti, et al   Solaris - Kristin Toscano Messina

  Casting/Ensemble   Film Editing
  Barbershop - Mary Vernieu, Felicia Fasano   About a Boy - Nick Moore
  Far From Heaven - Laura Rosenthal   Punch-Drunk Love - Leslie Jones
  Catch Me if You Can - Debra Zane   Minority Report - Michael Kahn
  One Hour Photo - Deborah Aquila, Tricia Wood    Signs - Barbara Tulliver
  Punch-Drunk Love - Cassandra Kulukundis   Catch Me If You Can - Michael Kahn

  Makeup   Costume
  The Two Towers - Peter King, Peter Owen   Far From Heaven - Sandy Powell
  Chicago - Jordan Samuel   The Two Towers - Richard Taylor, Ngila Dickson
  Star Wars II - L. Vanderwalt, L. Wheeler, W. Molineaux   Gangs of New York - Sandy Powell
  The Pianist - Didier Lavergne, Waldemar Pokromski   One Hour Photo -  Arianne Phillips
  Gangs of New York - Manlio & Luigi Rocchetti   Catch Me If You Can - Mary Zophres

  Visual Effects   Sound
  Star Trek Nemesis - Mark O. Forker, Terry Frazee   Solaris - Larry Blake
  Minority Report - Scott Farrar   The Two Towers - David Farmer, Hammond Peek
  Spider-Man - John Dykstra, Scott Stokdyk   Punch-Drunk Love - C. Scarabosio, R. Judkins
  The Two Towers - Richard Taylor, Jim Rygiel   The Pianist - Gerard Hardy
  Solaris - Werner Hahnlein, Kevin Hannigan   Signs - Richard King, Tod A. Maitland

The WORST OF 2002

  Worst Film   Clown Film
Enough Enough
Pluto Nash XXX
Windtalkers Blade 2
fear dot com Kung Pow: Enter The Fist
Changing Lanes Rollerball

  Worst Director   Top Clown
  Enough - Michael Apted   J Lo- Enough
  Kung Pow - Steve Oederkerk   Vin Diesel - XXX
  fear dot com - William Malone   Nicolas Cage- Sonny
  Sonny - Nicolas Cage   Nicolas Cage - Windtalkers
  Changing Lanes - Roger Michell   Steve Oedekerk - Kung Pow: Enter the Fist

  Worst Actor   Worst Actress
  Vin Diesel - XXX   J Lo - Enough
  Chris Klein - Rollerball   Madonna - Swept Away
  Nicolas Cage - Windtalkers   Natascha McElhorne - fear dot com
  Steven Segal - Half Past Dead   Lara Flyne Boyle- Men in Black II
  Steven Dorff - fear dot com   Brittany Spears - Crossroads

  Worst Supporting Actor   Worst Sup Actress
  Dan Akroyd - Crossroads   Taryn Manning - CrossCroads
  Nicolas Cage- Sonny   Linda Hunt - Dragonfy
  Noah Wyle - Enough   Juliette Lewis - Enough
  Hugh Campbell -Dragonfly   Kathy Bates - Dragonfly
  Stephen Rea- fear dot com   Rosario Dawson - Pluto Nash

  Worst Screenplay   Worst Music   Worst Editing   Worst Visuals#
  Pluto Nash   XXX   fear dot com   Pluto Nash
  Enough   Blade 2   Enough   Scooby Doo
  Men In Black II   Kung Pow: Enter the Fist   Xtreme Ops   Blade
  Changing Lanes   Crossroads   Pluto Nash   Kung Pow
  fear dot com   Half Past DEad   Men In Black II   Men In Black II

#-Worst Visuals incorporates Special Effects, Cinematography, Set Design, Art Direction