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2001 Clowntown Movie Awards Nominees

Best Picture


13 Days

Cast Away

Meet the Parents

Finding Forrester


O Brother Where Art Thou with the "O Movie Where Art Thou?" From 2001

Best Actor


Best Actress

Robert DeNiro Meet the Parents   Kate Winslet Quills
Bruce Greenwood 13 Days   Joan Allen The Contender
Russell Crowe* Gladiator   Teri Polo Meet the Parents
Tom Hanks Cast Away   Sanaa Lathan Love and Basketball
Michael Douglas WonderBoys   Julia Roberts* Erin Brocovich

Best Supporting Actor


Best Supporting Actress

Willem Dafoe Shadow of theVampire   Connie Nielsen Gladiator
Sean Connery* Finding Forrester   Catherine Zeta-Jones* Traffic
Joaquin Phoenix Gladiator   Anna Paquin Finding Forrester
Don Cheadle Traffic   Frances McDormand Almost Famous
Steven Culp 13 Days   Marcia Gay Harden Pollock

Best Director

Steven Sodenburgh Traffic   Hans Zimmer Gladiator
Robert Zemeckis Cast Away


Alan Silvestri Cast Away
Roger Donaldson 13 Days   John Williams The Patriot
Ridley Scott


  Tan Dun Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Gus Van Sant Finding Forrester   Trevor Jones Thirteen Days

Sound Set Decoration Cinematography
Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator
Cast Away Mission to Mars The Patriot
U-571 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Cast Away
The Perfect Storm Thirteen Days Traffic
The Patriot The Patriot Finding Forrester

Film Editing Casting Special Effects
Gladiator Gladiator Gladiator
Thirteen Days Thirteen Days X-Men
U-571 Traffic The Patriot
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Chocolat Mission to Mars
Traffic Love and Basketball The Perfect Storm

Original Screenplay   Adapted Screenplay  
Gladiator D Franzoni, J Logan & W Nicholson Traffic Stephen Gaghan
Finding Forrester Mike Rich Thirteen Days David Self
Cast Away William Broyles, Jr. Quills Doug Wright
The Contender Rod Lurie Requiem for a Dream Hubert Selby, Jr.
O Brother Where Art Thou? Joel and Ethan Coen Wonder Boys Steven Kloves



Art Direction
X-Men Gladiator Shadow of the Vampire
O Brother Where Art Thou? The Patriot O Brother Where Art Thou?
Shadow of the Vampire O Brother Where Are Thou? Finding Forrester
Gladiator Thirteen Days Chocolat
Almost Famous The Cell Quills



Worst Picture
Battlefield Clown Misson to Cheese Holes of Engagement Men of Clownor What Lies Beneath


Clown Picture
Battlefield Clown Crouching Clown, Hidden Cheese The Beach Charlie's Angels Mission Obnoxious 2


Worst Actor
John Travolta Tim Robbins Tommy Lee Jones Bill Paxton Val Kilmer
Battlefield Earth Mission to Mars Rules of Engagement Vertical Limit Red Planet


Worst Actress
Drew Barrymore Connie Nielsen Helen Hunt Thora Birch Michelle Pfeiffer
Charlie's Angels Mission to Mars What Women Want Dungeons and Dragons What Lies Beneath


Worst Director
Roger Christian Brian De Palma William Friedkin Antony Hoffman George Tillman, Jr.
Battlefield Earth Mission to Mars Rules of Engagement Red Planet Men of Honor


Worst Script
Battlefield Earth Mission to Mars Rules of Engagement The Beach Vertical Limit
Corey Mandell & J.D. Shapiro Jim Thomas, John Thomas, & Graham Yost Stephen Gaghan John Hodge Robert King & Terry Hayes